Before we come to Ready-Steady-Show GmbH we would like to introduce you to the two current managing directors of the GmbH:

First of all, there is Joachim Bochmann. Main-professional in a senior position at Bayer AG. Joachim is an absolute multi-talented player who coordinates the reporting office and hosts the evening shows during THE AMERICANA’s. Joachim is an excellent expert in Western riding. He has been with THE AMERICANA’s since 1992, first 92, 94, 96 in the press team, then Joachim moderated the newly created forum in 1998 and from the year 2000 he took over the management of the nomination office. From then on he was always seen as the right hand and partner of Horst Geier. When Horst considered his departure from the planning and organization of the sports and show part of THE AMERICANA after 30 years, Joachim was unfortunately unable to take over the part of Horst due to professional reasons, as this job of Horst corresponded to a full-time job and continues to correspond.

By happy coincidence, Sandra Quade, the current first managing director of Ready-Steady-Show GmbH,

at AMERIANA 2010. She attended the event as an intern. Sandra was absolutely enthusiastic about Western riding and learned all about the organization of the sporty and show parts of AMERICANA parallel to her studies with a master’s degree at UNI Bochum. This by working every spare minute at Horst Geier in the AMERICANA office. In addition, Sandra and Horst Geier have visited several major Western Horse shows, also in the USA. Thanks to Sandra’s intelligence, quick understanding and her good knowledge of English, Sandra was able to play a decisive role in the organisation of AMERICANA 2011 and 2013, so that she took over Horst Geier’s work from 2015 and then organized the AMERICANA’s excellently in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Sandra Quade

Joachim Bochmann

Horst Geier had already founded the “Ready-Steady-Show GmbH” with Sandra Quade and Joachim Bochmann in 2011 for the organization of the future AMERICANA’s. Horst Geier later resigned and Sandra Quade is now the managing director of the GmbH, and Joachim Bochmann is another director. 

Partnership at AMERICANA betweenReady-S
teady-Show GmbH, based in Mülheim/Ruhr, and AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH, based in Wendelstein.

The excellent and long-standing partnership between the two companies, which each carry out their part conscientiously, ensures a perfect organisation of AMERICANA.

Ready-Steady-Show GmbH organizes the big Western equestrian tournament with approx. 500 horses and riders from 17 European nations plus the USA and Canada. Several great evening shows with up to 5000 visitors each. In addition, Ready-Steady also organizes the well-known forum of AMERICANA and all other events, such as the Stallion Service Auction, a Miss AMERICANA election, and fashion shows. For the perfect execution of all these events, 70 helpers are on duty during the 8-day AMERICANA.

AFAG GmbH organizes the entire framework of AMERICANA. From the rental of the exhibition areas and halls in Augsburg, the design of a great sales fair for Western and leisure riders that leaves nothing to be desired, to the creation of the 35 mt x 70 mt show arena with 5000 spectator seats for the equestrian tournament and the evening shows. The worm-up arena, the stable buildings, cattle fences, and everything else. 

In addition, AFAG takes care of excellent entertainment at AMERICANA and builds an entire western city with the highlight of the legendary “Red Grizzly Saloon”, which provides the best entertainment with live country music.    

Ready-Steady-Show GmbH organizes for THE AMERICANA, which takes place at the fairgrounds in Augsburg:

The extensive, high-caliber Western equestrian tournament. The forum with the various lectures for the trade audience. An auction for the auction of deck jumps of valuable stallions, as well as the organization of other show activities and competitions of THE AMERICANA.

The excellent evening show programs are also put together by Ready-Steady-Show GmbH.

If you would like to participate as an actor in the forum or if you offer exciting show program activities that fit the equestrian sport, please send us an email at

Please enter your name and phone number, we will call back.

Various Western riders from many European countries and even from the USA and Canada have helped the AMERICANA’s and contributed to the success of the events. We would like to thank these helpers very much, unfortunately we cannot perform them all. 

But two contributors who have been with the AMERICANA’s for years and are still there, we would like to mention here and these are:

Maurizio Di Simone, our AMERICANA friend from Italy. Maurizio has also helped design this homepage and is an excellent employee in the field of media presentation of AMERICANA. Watch all the wonderful contributions and recordings of the events in the menu item Video. Marizio’s email can be found under Contacts.

Photo right: Ramona Billing. Ramona is the specialist press officer of AMERICANA. From her pen come the information about the sporting and show part of the event. This in German and in English for our non-German speaking participants and interested parties. Ramona’s email can be found in the menu item “Contacts”.

Cow Horse Futurity Champion: Philip Martin Haug, photo award ceremony with Anneliese and Horst Geier (both without hat) with Maurizio Di Simone, Claudia Lenz, and Bob Armijo.