★ founder of AMERICANA is Horst Geier.

Born in Bremen in 1943, Horst was interested in horses at an early age and learned professional riding at the General Rosenberg riding club in Schwanewede in 1958. Around the equestrian club, there is a great riding area. Fields and meadows, heathland, and many sandy paths through forests. Horst had great pleasure in beautiful rides in the terrain and also at fox hunts in which he participated with his Hanoverian. When he met his future wife Anneliese, a horse was also purchased for her. This horse was good in handling but caused Anneliese problems during the rides because the gelding always tried to pull away. What to do?

Horst saw the horse in Western movies appear to be easier to handle and more balanced from the temperament. So ideal for leisure riding. Then he happened to meet Kurt Lissner. He already had a Paint gelding who had ridden Western. The gelding imparted to Horst. Kurt rode him one-handed and he even mastered the “ground-tying”. Such an uncomplicated, lovely horse should be the right thing for Anneliese. And so Horst bought a first Quarter Horse mare in 1974, who had just come over from Nebraska. This mare called “Masy” Anneliese rode for 25 years.

And this through thick and thin, even when taking part in the parade of the Bremen fun fair in the middle of the hustle and bustle and the carousels on the Bremen Bürgerweide.

Horst was so enthusiastic about Masy that more Quarter Horses were purchased and breeding started. Horst and Anneliese’s house, now in Schwanewede, was expanded into a Western horse ranch and so the Flachsberg Ranch was built in 1974. Named after the street name on which it is located. Schwanewede is located in the Speckg Belt of Bremen in Lower Saxony, directly adjacent to Bremen.

In 1979 Kay Wienrich joined as a trainer. He later became Horst’s partner and the two ran the ranch together until 2000. While Kay was mainly involved in the training of home-bred horses, but also of foreign horses from customers, Horst built a second ranch in the USA, the Flachsberg Ranch Oklahoma. This was because the demand for quarter and paint horses in Europe had risen sharply.

Quarter and Paint Horses were also bred in the USA, but the ranch in the USA also served as a collection point for the transport of Western horses to Germany with 90 stables. Horses that Horst Geier bought in USA for the Flachsberg Ranch Germany for marketing, but also for horses which customers bought elsewhere in the USA. These were collected at flachsberg Ranch USA and then prepared for transport to Europe.

For this purpose, an additional company “Horses by Air” was founded. With this company Horst and partner Kay then flew in 1993 alone about 800 horses from the Flachsberg Ranch USA to Flachsberg Ranch Germany; confirmed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These horses then went from the Flachsberg Ranch in Germany to many customers all over Europe, from Sweden to Italy.

In the 15 years to the year 2000, Horst lived several months a year at the Flachsberg Ranch in Oklahoma. The ranch was centrally located on Interstate 35 between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, Texas. So conveniently located to the meant Westernhorse tournaments, such as the World Show of the Quarter Horses and the NRHA great Reining Futurity in Oklahoma City as well as the Paint Horse World Show and the great NCHA Cutting Futurity in Fort Worth Texas.

In the 15 years of the USA Horst visited several of these great Western tournaments. To this end, he got to know many ranches breeding and training companies of Western horses throughout the USA. He also made acquaintance with many famous Reininghorse, Cutting and Cow Horse trainers. Several of them also visited the AMERICANA in Germany, founded and organized by Horst. This to show itself, as a judge or just to establish contacts for the marketing of their horses to Europe. That’s how it is today.

Information about two important persons, Joachim Bochmann and Sandra Quade, who played a major role in the development of THE AMERICANA and are still involved, can be found at Ready-Steady-Show GmbH

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