The trademark “AMERICANA” is registered as protected by the German Patent Office, under:

Brand No: 2 907 762

Class 35

Advertising; Management; Business management; office work; execution of auctions and auctions; organisation and organisation of exhibitions and fairs for economic and promotional purposes; Sales promotion; rental of advertising space; Events of sales exhibitions.

Class 41

Entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Events of sporting competitions, animal dressage; circus performances; Production of shows.

and below:

Brand No: 304 53 615

Class 14

keyfobs, precious metals and goods thereof, jewellery, jewellery, watches and time measuring instruments; trophies, namely trophies and statuettes made of precious metal; Gift items included in Class 14.

Class 18

dishes; Saddles and bridles for animals, rubber inserts for stirrups, saddle blankets for horses, saddle harnesses, stirrup straps, saddles for horses, pads for riding saddles.

Class 21

Household and kitchen appliances and containers (not made of precious metal or plated) in particular glasses; Trophies, namely trophies and statuettes made of glass or ceramics.

Class 25

clothing, in particular shirts, T-shirts, jackets, trousers, footwear, headgear; in particular caps, hats; Belt.

Class 26

Belt buckles

Class 28

Gymnastics sports articles, as far as included in class 28.

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